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Absolutely delighted to announce that Carl Bennett from amber Health Insight has been formally appointed as a Visiting Fellow at Staffordshire University. A fantastic opportunity now exists to inform University activity, including curriculum design, and Carl is excited to support such a great local higher education establishment.


amber – Out ‘n’ About

Carl Bennett opened the CIMSPA Conference as National Vice Chair and presented one of the programmed sessions talking about ‘Local priorities – informing intervention design’. You can find the Conference Report here 

amber recently presented at the Premier League PFA-CF Conference for Coordinators in Leeds. Talking all things ‘Commissioning’ Carl Bennett provided insight and ideas on how those working at the community level can contribute to the big priorities and utilise evidence to inform intervention design.

Carl also delivered 2 workshops at the recent Leisure-net & Big Wave Media Insight 2015 events in Doncaster and Bradley Stoke. Feedback has been excellent and follow up activities are in train.

How We Can Help You

Data & Evidence Interpretation

amber will unlock the insight available from numerous sources of local, regional and national health improvement data and interpret this so you can use it to inform decision making when designing or reviewing physical activity interventions, products, services and programmes.  

Effective Engagement

The language of health and community improvement can be complex and is often seen as a barrier to accessing the ‘health pound’. We will help improve your understanding of this language so you are better prepared to engage investors and commissioners.

Understanding Clinical Pathways

amber understands the clinical pathway environment. We can support you to develop practical knowledge of these local / national pathways increasing your likelihood of reaching an additional customer base. We have many years working in the clinical environment and can help you identify ways of increasing the reach of your interventions, products, services and programmes.

Commissioning Insight

The commissioning environment is often complex and difficult to navigate. amber have many years experience working within the strategic commissioning arena. We can help you improve your understanding of, and positioning within, the local commissioning landscape. If you are considering becoming ‘commission ready‘ or simply want to improve your understanding of local commissioning priorities, amber are ideally placed to assist. 

Bespoke Services

We offer a number of bespoke services that will help you transform your physical activity offer

Audit: Our audit service will help you assess and challenge your current or planned interventions, products, services and programmes. The outcome of the audit will identify ways to transform your offers and suggest improvements focussed towards; effectiveness, efficiencies, increasing customer reach, output and outcome measurement.


Advocacy: amber have experience of operating within the public health and physical activity sectors and have developed a unique understanding of these environments. We are able to add real value if you require an advocate to act on your behalf during any period where mutual understanding is crucial. 


Tender & Bid Review: We can add specialist capacity when developing tenders and bids making sure the final application builds on the available evidence and matches the required specification resulting in a more likely successful bid process.


Specification / Contract Design & Procurement Support: amber has many years experience of designing specifications from scratch and the associated procurement processes. We can offer organisations additional capacity to write, or assist the design of, specifications and contracts so they best match the health and physical activity needs of local communities. We also offer support to help your procurement processes, bringing much needed capacity to review applications and, if required, to act as an independent review and selection panel member.  


Training: We have many years experience developing and delivering training based on the above at Levels 2 through 6. Our approach to training design is underpinned by many years of delivering workshops, lectures and training sessions for different organisations, including; Public Health England, UK Active, CIMSPA, various HE academic institutions and voluntary sector organisations. We have the added ability (benefit) to embed the unique knowledge we have about the Public Health competency framework associated with the United Kingdom Public Health Register* registration process. 


Mentoring: amber offers those in Influencing & Decision Maker roles a confidential mentoring* relationship to help grow and embed health improvement and public health knowledge/principles into decision making.


*Carl Bennett is a registered mentor with the Inclusive Mentoring WM Network and a Public Health Practitioner Assessor for the West Midlands arm of the United Kingdom Public Health Register.

About amber

The use of insight to inform decisions has the potential to be a powerful tool. We are a specialist organisation established to help those working in the physical activity sector utilise the latest data, information and evidence to design interventions, products and services that work at scale.

Carl Bennett

Founder / Director

Carl Bennett has worked in the Public Health / Health Improvement world for many years. From Dec 2002 to Feb 2015  he worked as a Public Health Specialist (Commissioner) building evidence based interventions addressing Long Term Conditions and Primary Prevention priorities at the local, regional and national level. Having developed a mixed provider marketplace based on core competencies he has introduced long term, mainstreamed interventions that address capacity / demand and measurable impact at scale. Many of the organisations Carl has worked with have been based within the physical activity sector. He has helped ‘traditional’ sports development and leisure / recreation organisations build competencies and capacity to match local health improvement needs and investments.

Having worked in Community Health Improvement and Leisure/Events Management roles Carl has been able to apply his commissioner knowledge to increase the priority of and the available resources invested in physical activity interventions wherever he has worked.

In his Public Health Commissioner role Carl developed many cost effective interventions that worked at industrial scale engaging thousands of people at high risk of, or who had been identified with, long term conditions.

Carl has led the development of primary care based pathways & community interventions including: 

  • Behaviour Change services linked to the NHS Health Check Programme
  • Health Trainer Services
  • Community Weight Management
  • Community Physical Activity
  • Community Cook & Eat
  • Think Well

And led on interventions within secondary care linked to hospital based patient pathways, including:

  • Community Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Maternal Obesity Management

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

Albert Einstein

Recent Strategic Contributions

Carl has contributed to a number of key documents/sector specific tools, including; The NHS Obesity Pathway Review (2014), the Culture and Chief Leisure Officers document The role of culture and leisure in improving health and wellbeing (2014) and he wrote the Quest Stretch Module for Health and Well-being.

Publications and Sector Specific Information

Over the past few years Carl has produced lot’s of sector specific information and has written many articles sharing his view on the health and physical activity world. His long association with the sector professional body CIMSPA has seen articles shared far and wide. He contributes to the online magazine The Leisure Review and has a back catalogue of articles available here. In 2014 Carl contributed to the ‘Management Series‘ commissioned by Health Club Management Magazine.

When not in work mode Carl is a Trustee (elect) on the CIMSPA Board of Trustees where he is the formally appointed Vice Chair, he holds a Non Executive Director role on the Staffordshire County Cricket Board serving as the Partnerships Champion, and has recently rediscovered his interest in cricket and become an under 13’s Cricket Coach/Team Manager at Longton Cricket Club in Stoke on Trent.


Duncan Wood-Allum: Founder The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy

The Sport, Leisure and Culture Consultancy is proud to have an association with Carl Bennett’s amber Health Insight. Why? Because Carl’s sector leading knowledge of Public Health and the opportunities for service providers to play an increasingly important and impactful role in the health of the nation. The challenge for the sector is how do we engage? What language shall we use? What interventions will work? Carl has the answers and can support an organisation in its transformation to become fully commissionable.

We will continue to work with Carl because quite frankly, he’s the best in the business and our clients deserve it.

David Monkhouse: Director Leisure-net Solutions

I have known Carl for the past 8 years and I have seen and experienced how his strategic knowledge and experience of the health and physical activity agenda, especially his commissioner based public health insight, has contributed to a number of crucial areas of work I too have been involved with. Carl fully understands the outcomes required to prove success and this knowledge has been utilised to support events and work at the national level. Carl’s presentation style clearly reflects his unequivocal knowledge and passion for the subject. I have no hesitation to say he is an expert in his subject matter.

Adrian Hurst, Head of Community, Stoke City Football Club

Stoke City Football Club Community Trust has been transformed these past few years to become one of the main health improvement providers in the Staffordshire area. Carl Bennett has been the main catalyst for change providing direction of travel guidance taking a sports development organisation into the world of health improvement by developing competencies, capacity and opportunities for us to become a commissioned provider. Stoke City Football Club Community Trust will continue to utilise the knowledge, experience and insight from amber to inform our charitable business decisions so that we remain involved in community health improvement for the long term.

Andrew Thompson, Assistant Chief Executive at VAST

I have worked with Carl Bennett for many years in a number of roles here in Staffordshire. I have always found Carl’s knowledge, experience and practical support extremely useful when shaping and developing services here at VAST. Carl has also supported a number of VAST based conferences and events sharing his commissioning and public health knowledge across a wide range of interested stakeholders. I have no hesitation recommending amber Health Insight to anyone wanting to understand local social / health issues and utilising Carl’s knowledge to develop health improvement services.

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